Password protect folder software
Password protect folder and file software.
Great flexibility in file encryption algorithm: PC hardware, USB-flash or password is able to be a key for the encrypted file.


USB encryption file password protect software
USB-key and password file protection.
Make a unique dongle from any USB drive to access the private or confidential data just by few clicks!

How To Protect PC Data, Remove And Shred Locked Files

Advanced file management problems and solutions

Nowadays, living in the global information society, we often face relevant problem with information security. During business and personal computer usage you should always remember about the possibility of data leakage, unauthorized access to your private data that could cause some difficulties or even problems. If you want to protect yourself from undesirable consequences you should know methods of data management and protection.

There are the main tasks of the private information management and security: file and folder protection with password, locked file removal, file shredding and data access restrictions.

Learn more about these methods of information protection and tools that provide it.

password protect data softwareFile/folder encryption/password protection

The problem of file and folder encryption is extremely important if you want to restrict an access to your personal data. Protecting files and folders with password you guarantee the safety of various multimedia files, important private, financial or business documentation.

ABTO Software offers the efficient solution that allows to protect all your data with password and ensures information security.

SoftProtect is high-powered folder and file encryption software, designed especially for files and programs defense. SoftProtect secures safety of your personal information, protects it from undesirable access and guarantees reliability of your data keeping. SoftProtect possesses high speed of the encryption process and has an unlimited size of the encrypted file.

USBSoftProtect can secure various types of files including PDF files, documents, photo and video content. This multi-functional encryption software for USB is suitable for business and individual needs.

Locked files removal

Locked data removal solution from ABTO Software brings you lots of advantages for work with data locked by system and files with long paths. These high-powered utilities allow you to forget about “cannot delete files” errors forever.

Unlock and deletePath Too Long

Destination path too long utility helps you to deal with various file removing and unlocking errors. It will successfully handle troubles with files considered like “filename too long” by your operating system or “error 1320 the path is too long” or other types of long file names or directory paths error messages.

Path Too Long PRO

Path Too Long PRO is a special tool that is able to solve the problem with inability to delete, rename and copy data with long paths or locked by some application. To get rid of undesirable data you need just to find file and press a button to delete it.

Unlocker Tool is a light version of our removal software. The main purpose of Unlocker Tool is to unlock files and folders that are in use, thus enabling them to remove in easy way.

file shredder softwareFile shredding / secure deletion

Modern business permanently faces the problem of unauthorized confidential corporate data access and recovery. Data leakage causes large financial losses, theft of crucial information and dishonest competition. 

Secure Deleter

Our powerful secure erase file shred utility can be used for reliable removal of existing documents or completely shred data that is located in the disk’s unallocated portions. This tool uses military tested algorithm and overwrites selected data several times by randomly generated information to ensure the data has become unrecoverable.

Secure Deleter for Android

This application was designed specifically for secure removal of files or folders from mobile devices operating under Android OS. It replaces file’s bytes by the randomly generated ones and therefore safely removes all types of files and folders. Be calm for your confidential data stored on mobile devices!

File access restrictions

monitoring and restrictions - great parental control softwareEvery day working at the computer we use a lot of applications and visit numerous web pages. To prevent crucial data leakage caused by illegal activity you should utilize PC monitoring software. Such kind of software is very useful for various businesses and also for implementing parental control. 

Report Computer Usage controls all run processes and make complete PC usage report. It is compatible with all web browsers, uses options of identification processes and websites and has interactive interface.


High-powered, fast and multi-purpose encryption software for the most solid data protection. It has extended encryption key options that provide a high level of encrypted files security. The additional feature of SoftProtect “Use restriction” allows to limit file usage time, active usage time and the period of usage.


So anyone who owns those advanced file management solutions now can be safe and calm and manage his business or everyday workflow more efficient! Take care of your data and it will take care of you, chose advanced file management tools designed by ABTO Software!


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A great solution for office security! Since we approved to use this light USB utility to protect our vital financial documents, everyone feels much safer. And this means a lot in stock market business.

George Svenson, broker

I don’t worry anymore about my 6 and 10 years aged kids. I’ve simply restricted access to some sensitive software on my home PC so they just can’t run it. Nice and useful tool!

Jessica Irwin

Unfortunately my workstation is often used by different staff of our company. But thanks to softprotect I can store some confidential personal and corporate files on that PC safely. Helps me a lot.

Peter Sheldon

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