Password protect folder software
Password protect folder and file software.
Great flexibility in file encryption algorithm: PC hardware, USB-flash or password is able to be a key for the encrypted file.


USB encryption file password protect software
USB-key and password file protection.
Make a unique dongle from any USB drive to access the private or confidential data just by few clicks!

Destination Path Too Long error 1320 removal software


Path Too Long

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Use Path Too Long to avoid removing errors.

Forget about any restrictions and removing bugs. We created a Windows tool that allows you to delete files and folders with long paths or locked by some applications.

Key Path Too Long advantages

  • Delete files which name exceeds the allowed number of symbols
  • Delete locked files and folders
  • Delete after reboot
  • Unload locking process

Easy removing of undesirable data and other benefits of Path Too Long

With our great files and folders removing software you will sure forget about Windows OS messages where is said that you cannot delete current file because it is used by some program or the file name is too long.
Path Too Long solves these problems and let you work with your data without bugs and any restrictions.

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A great solution for office security! Since we approved to use this light USB utility to protect our vital financial documents, everyone feels much safer. And this means a lot in stock market business.

George Svenson, broker

I don’t worry anymore about my 6 and 10 years aged kids. I’ve simply restricted access to some sensitive software on my home PC so they just can’t run it. Nice and useful tool!

Jessica Irwin

Unfortunately my workstation is often used by different staff of our company. But thanks to softprotect I can store some confidential personal and corporate files on that PC safely. Helps me a lot.

Peter Sheldon

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